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Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Our HBC Staff

 Meet Our Staff


Rev. Brent Thompson, Pastor 


Pastor Brent joined the ministry staff at Heflin Baptist Church in May 2016.

He has been in the gospel ministry for over 30 years. 

He and his wife, Angie, are both CCHS alumni and have been married almost 30 years.

Pastor Brent is also a graduate of Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga. 

He and Angie have two daughters, Kaitlyn and Brooklyn.  

Joanna joined the staff at Heflin Baptist Church in October 2013.

She is an active member at Calvary Baptist Church where she is involved with children's ministry. 

She is married with two children.


Joanna Brown

Ministry Assistant


Marty Burson

Music Director

Marty has been the music worship leader since August 2001.

He believes music is the universal language and tries to use a blend of the old and new hymns and choruses. 

His wife, Terri, is our pianist.

They have one son, Jonah. 

Terri is a dedicated member of the music ministry and enjoys worshiping God through music!

She also enjoys working with the Children's Choir. 

Terri is married to Marty Burson and they have one son, Jonah.

Terri Burson